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A collection of unexpected stories involving emacs

Emacs loves all its users

by guerrinha | fev 01, 2021

When I first met Richard Stallman, I was anxious to thank him for creating Emacs, he responded with the "obvious" but unexpected phrase, "Oh that's good, Emacs loves all its users"

I started using Emacs back in 2011, my greatest friend Lincoln Clarete (@clarete) shown me this lovely "editor" while we worked together. At this time, I was a happy Vim user, until I saw HTML code automagically indented with Tab. It was just the beginning of my love story with Emacs.

My story with Emacs is a story of a friendship too. Lincoln and I have a lot of things in common and I had the pleasure of sharing with him our home, workplace, city and lot of other things we like, Emacs is one of them. I started using his Emacs config and after sometime I started to make small changes and today we have configurations like children of same parents, came from the same place but each one has it's own personality.

Discovery and learning new things became part of our relationship, we don't share a roof anymore, neither workplace nor country, but we share this amazing friendship and the love for Emacs.