v0.1.1 - We're live!

Jan 31, 2021

1. Intro

This is the first public release of weblorg, a static HTML generator for Emacs and Org-Mode. It leverages ox-html and adds a powerful templating language to give more creative freedom to people looking exclusively to publishing Org-Mode documents to the web.

It goes beyond just exporting Org-Mode to HTML by adding abstractions that are well known for people familiar with web development. Like routes, static asset management and templates.

We want to give a great experience for people looking into using Emacs to build beautiful static websites and blogs. The work is far from complete, but it's being done with a lot of love and hope to contribute back to a community that together has built an incredible tool.

2. What currently works

With weblorg, one can first automate the process of finding Org-Mode files, parsing them and feeding them into a template and then rendering the final output into an HTML file. Without further ado, that's how one would do it in Emacs-Lisp:

(require 'weblorg)

 :name "posts"
 :input-pattern "./posts/*.org"
 :template "post.html"
 :output "./posts/{{ slug }}.html"
 :url "/posts/{{ slug }}.html")


That is enough to tell weblorg to find all Org-Mode files within the directory posts and render them with the template post.html.

If you don't want to flex your design skills while spinning up a new website or blog, worry not. A lean but mean theme is shipped by default with weblorg. To allow users to easily copy static assets from a theme, one can use the following:

;; this has to go before callikng `weblorg-export'.
 :output "static/{{ file }}"
 :url "/static/{{ file }}")

Check out the Documentation with a full article on how to setup a new website and more.

3. Next Steps

We currently can do more than the documentation covers, which isn't ideal for a tool that aims to be friendly. For that reason, all the efforts are currently centered in fixing that by writing articles and API docstrings to bring the documentation to a good place.

After we're over that, there's a lot of work to be done on the default theme. It's far away from being finished and it's essential for people that don't want to do much CSS work.

Please get in touch with any questions, comments or bugs through our Github Issues page. If you don't do the Github thing, just send me an email :)

4. Changelog 0.1.1

  • chore: upgrade templatel dependency to 0.1.4
  • feat: enable auto-escaping of HTML entities by default
  • feat: cache for parsed Org-Mode files
  • feat: added :template-vars parameter to weblorg-site.
  • feat: enable weblorg-input-filter-drafts by default in the parameter :input-filter of weblorg-route
  • feat: allow ordered list of patterns as a parameter for weblorg-input-source-autodoc on top of already receiving a string pattern
  • fix: reading non-quoted strings with dashes on url_for.
  • feat: add anchor special parameter to url_for
  • feat: way more encompassing slugify function generating cleaner output
  • feat: Use slugified text of the headline for their anchor links and IDs instead of random text
  • fix: skip trying to copy directory as a file in weblorg-copy-static.
  • doc: we have a website with some documentation now